Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Increase Study Alertness with 10 minute Brainwave-Synchronization Audio File

FROM: http://www.grasshopper.com/mind-games/digital-expresso/

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Digital Espresso
Replace coffee with this mp3 designed to entrain your brain

If you’ve stopped drinking coffee but miss the buzz, this one’s for you. Wake up in the morning, afternoon —get extra mental energy and focus before studies or meetings with this 10 minute entrainment from grasshopper.com. Digital Espresso uses a research protocol successful with patients of CFS, depression, ADHD and found to reliably increase energy and motivation. Put on some headphones, kick back, close your eyes and let the pulses massage your brain and the frequencies wake up those slacker neurons. A high speed connection is recommended.

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This Brain Hack works.

Stumbled onto audio induced brainwave-synchronization by accident a few months back when I jacklinked the PC's soundcard into a Panasonic ghetto blaster's (only available) input: the mic port.

The subsequent sound bleeding led to white noise at pitch levels and intervals (creating a crackling/popping rhythm) that observably relaxed my brain when surfing the interweb.

The Digital Expresso audio (see above) conversely is designed as an mental energy booster.

Introspectively, I find it acts best as a brain-hemisphere "balancer", where it generates the sensation of cleanliness and equilibrium within the mind.

Like an etch-a-sketch that has just been shook clean and is ready and waiting to have its knobs fiddled about with.

10 minute Digital Expresso brainwave synchronization audio file located ---> Here