Thursday, March 16, 2006

CyberNeuroPhysiological Control - Entrain your brain with your PC or your iPod

How To Infuence your Brainwaves:


A brainwave frequency pattern ("Brainwave") co-relates directly to your state of being.

ie. happy, sad, euphoric, tired, pensive, energized, creative, sexy, et al.

Each/All human states have a specific brainwave frequency associated with them.

The base frequencies discovered:

0.5Hz - 3.5Hz Deep sleep - Delta
3.5Hz - 8Hz Drowsiness - Theta
8Hz - 13Hz Relaxed but alert - Alpha
13Hz - 30Hz Highly alert and focused - Beta

The Question: What happens if a brain-wave frequency (read on an EEG) is identical in two people. Does that mean they are in the same state?

The Answer: Yes. people with the same brain wave frequency pattern are in the same state.

The Conclusion: if you can bring about a specific brain-wave pattern in a person, that person will experience the state associated with that brain-wave pattern. They will BE in that state.

Research into generating brain-wave patterns has resulted in at least 2 present day medicinal scientific fields: biofeedback-therapy and neurofeedback-therapy.

Click here for CNN article on biofeedback and neurofeedback

But we don't all want to attach electrodes to our head.

Thankfully, there are other ways to influence brain waves.

Today sound (audio/binaural brainwave frequency influence) and images (strobe-light brainwave frequency influence) can be used to influence and bring about specific brain-wave patterns and therefore states.

You can test this yourself by getting a Brainwave generator (on the Web) with sound files to influence your brain-wave pattern and change your state.

A Brainwave Generator with state-generating sound-files for your multimedia PC or iPod can be Downloaded Here

read more about the science behind the brainwave generator here