Friday, July 28, 2006

Tips on How To Improve Your Memory

How to Improve Your Memory - some very useful tips that won't cost you (or more properly Ed's lifted credit card - Ed) 20 easy payments of $19.99.

Some good practical easy to master techniques in there, though I'm not sure about the one where you look at the person and say their name.

This is not likely going to work for most males OR females.

As during introductions most males are looking at females gazonga's cursing the fact that after thousands of years of culture, and indeed millions of years of evolution, we still 'aven't figured out a way to create a socially acceptable way to reach out and nonchalantly squeeze a complete stranger's inviting delicious looking mammary gland.

(and most females are also not looking at men's faces either during introductions -Ed)

Right. Checking out our posteriors?

(lower - Ed)

Checking out our packages?

(lower - Ed)

Checking out George Clooney's package?

(*tap foot* the shoes TAG, the shoes - Ed)

Ah. I'm presently wearing mercury-silver Nike cross-trainers what does that tell the ladies?

(I dunno, but years of experience tells me that it's time to clear the area, because he's probably not wearing anything ELSE - Ed)

well it IS bloody hot.

[Pathud -Ed]

Tips on How To Improve Memory here:

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